The Daughters of the Republic of Texas objectives are to perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved and maintained the independence of Texas and to encourage historical research into the earliest records breitling replica of Texas, especially those relating to the Revolution of 1835 and the events which followed. We foster the preservation of documents and relics, encourage the publication of records of individual service of the soldiers and patriots of the Republic and other source material for the history of Texas. The Daughters promote the celebration of Texas Honor Days, secure and memorialize historic spots by erecting markers and cherish and preserve the unity of Texas.

Welcome to the web site of the Mary Hall Mantooth chapter of The Daughters of the  Republic of Texas. Our chapter, located in Lufkin, Texas, was organized in 1965. Today we have 87 members and are an active, growing chapter. I have many plans for my tenure as chapter president which include participating in the Heritage Festival of Lufkin, growing our scholarship fund by challenging members to donate on their ancestor's birthdays, summer field trips to the Cradle and the General Land Office archives and chapter sponsorship of the epic rolex five letters John Wayne move "The Alamo" at our restored downtown movie theater. I want our chapter Daughters "to grow in power and worth" for the next two years that I am chapter president.

Mary Hall Mantooth Chapter members attended the District IV Workshop in Palestine on August 22, 2015. Chapter members attended workshop sessions, learned the latest news on the state level and raised over $500 in sales at the meeting to benefit the chapter scholarship fund. It was both a hublot replica uk fun and informational day!

Members pictured include (front) Cheryl Spruill, Lois Chambers, Paula Metzinger, Julie Jumper-Morris, Janice Ann Rowe. (Back) are Rosemary Varsey, Mary Goodwin, Janie Slack, Dorris Collmorgen and Bobbie Davis.

Mary Richard Hall Mantooth was born to Richard G. Hall and Elizabeth Walton Hall on March 4, 1841 in Douglass, Nacogdoches County, Texas. Her parents came to Texas in 1839 and her father was the postmaster of Douglass when Texas joined the Union in 1846.

In 1965, Annie Jewel Royle organized the Lufkin Chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas and named it for her grandmother, Mary Richard Hall Mantooth.

The Mary Hall Mantooth Chapter received the coveted 6 Star Award at the annual San Antonio Convention in May. This is the 4th year that our chapter has won this award. It is based on attendance to the district workshop, state convention and meetings. Other criteria includes Texas flag, map and book donations, sponsorship of a CRT chapter and a chapter scholarship, number of recorded volunteer hours, giving community talks and demonstrations and member observance of the Texas Honor Days. It has taken lots of hard work from chapter members to achieve this award for the last four years.

October 2nd is Gonzales Day......The Beginning of the Texas Revolution.

The "Come and Take It" flag represents the first recognized battle of the Texas Revolution fought in Gonzales. In 1831, Mexican authorities gave the settlers of Gonzales a small cannon for protection from Indian raids. By 1835, because of  the political unrest in Mexico, Mexican troops under the command of Colonel Domingo de Ugartechea were sent to Gonzales to retrieve the cannon.  As the 100 dragoon soldiers neared Gonzales, the colonists used a variety of excuses to keep them from the town, while secretly sending messengers to request assistance from nearby communities. Within two days, 140 Texians had gathered in Gonzales, determined to defend and keep the cannon. On October 2, 1835, after a short battle with the Texians, the Mexican soldiers withdrew. The Battle of Gonzales lasted only a few minutes, but most citizens in Texas realized that there was no turning back. A war had begun



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September 15, 2015 - MHM Chapter meeting
August 22, 2015 - Dist IV Workshop, Palestine
October 16, 2015 - MHM Chapter Anniversary
October 20, 2015 - MHM Chapter meeting
November 17, 2015 - MHM Chapter meeting
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May 11-14, 2016 - 125th Convention, Addison
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› June 27-28, 2016 - CRT Convention

Mary Hall Mantooth has its first chapter pin since the inception of the chapter in 1965, thanks to the committee of Paula Metzinger, Mary Jane West and Janie Slack. The committe members designed our "one of a kind" chapter pin using the painting by artist Ancel Nunn. The pin can be worn on or off the official ribbon.

Angelina was an Hasinai Indian girl mentioned in the journals of the early French and Spanish explorers of East Texas. Her influence aided in the establishment and sucess of early missions. Today, her name is given to a river, a county and a National Forest. We are proud to have her represent our chapter and its Texas History.

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During the summer of 1891, in her father’s law library in Galveston, Texas, a site that is now known as the “Cradle,”  Miss Betty Ballinger and her cousin, Miss Hally Bryan, conceived the idea of forming an organization to forever perpetuate the memory of the Texas pioneer families and soldiers of the Republic of Texas by forming an association of their descendants. This year the Daughters will celebrate 124 years of preserving the history of the great State of Texas. The organization has 106 chapters in Texas and over 8000 members located in Texas and throughout the world!